Aim Public Affairs

Aim Public Affairs provides leaders and decision-makers with strategies to form policy and influence public opinion. They are skilled at managing conflicts and crises that arise from complex issues. The Aim Public Affairs team has served in senior positions in politics and business. Their personal relationships and unique experiences provide valuable insight for their clients.

As a political or business leader, you spend most of your time on the front lines. Every day, you must handle complex situations with potentially far-reaching consequences. The advisors at Aim have unique experience in operational, tactical, and strategic affairs. Aim will help you manage issues ranging from conflicts of interest and objectives, as well as recurring crises and media management. Aim Public Affairs brings decades of first-hand practical experience and knowledge.


Niklas Nordström

President & Senior Advisor

A seasoned and skilled opinion leader (Swedish Politician of the Year in 2016). Niklas has a broad background with experience in business and politics. From 1995-99 he was the chairman of the Social Democrats youth organization. Between 2006-2013 Niklas worked as a partner and consultant at Sweden's largest public relations agency. Niklas has both led and participated in several state investigations and knows how governments operate. Prior to Aim Public Affairs. Niklas served the municipal council as the chairman (mayor) of the local government in Luleå. He served as chairman of Business Sweden and as leader of several other companies and organizations.

Emma Själin

CEO & Senior Advisor

Emma is an experienced problem-solver with a passion for managing complex and delicate situations. She served for ten years as a consultant for a communications agency and also operated her own company. During the last five years, Emma directed community development operations and provided strategic support for the municipal management of Luleå. She has extensive experience in private business and government management. She is an expert at handling difficult circumstances.

Johan Marcus

Director of Corporate Affairs & Senior Advisor

Johan is a driven business developer and opinion leader with broad national and international experience. Most recently from the position as CEO of the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce SACC-USA in Washington D.C. Previously, he was trade secretary and held senior positions at, among others, Svensk Handel, Handelsarbetsgivarna, Posten and Business Sweden. In parallel with his role as Director of Corporate Affairs, Johan has continued qualified assignments for SACC-USA.

Håkan Ekengren

Senior Advisor

Håkan has been State Secretary at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. He has held senior positions at boards and operational level in business and in politics but also in the non-profit sector and has very good knowledge and broad experience of these sectors' conditions.

Johanna Unghanse

Senior Advisor

Johanna has previously been deputy CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and has 20 years of experience in leading positions in the media industry, including Kinnevik / MTG, TV4, Axel Johnson and Natur & Kultur. She has also been a board member in various companies and industries over the years, with an emphasis on media / IT and member-owned companies.

Lars Eriksson

Senior Advisor

Lars was a Member of Parliament for the Social Democrats in 2012-18 and has also had many other important political assignments, for example he was regional councilor in Västmanland with responsibility for traffic and dental care issues. Lars has extensive experience of Swedish politics from the inside and an extensive political network.

Porträtt - Ulf Bergström

Ulf Bergström

Senior Advisor European Affairs

Ulf is an experienced EU policy and communications professional, with more than twenty years of extensive national and international experience. He masters five working languages, and has worked for the European Commission, for two EU-agencies, ENISA and Eurojust, for fourteen years. Additionally, he has worked for two public affairs firms, as well as for the Swedish government for eight years, in senior positions. He has a Masters degree from College of Europe and a broad network and is seasoned in EU relations, as well as in Swedish media and politics.